Progetto Comenius

• Questionnaire analysis. Select italian sts’ answers and group them. (3D cyber students). DEADLINE ASAP
• Apple National story
Students work in class groups (ex. 4 stories x 4 groups)
Each group sends their story translated and illustrated to their teacher. Word document with jpg pictures or drawings. DEADLINE SAT 10/11
Teachers read, select and share with colleagues and students
Teachers and sts read and vote the best one to be published on High drive. DEADLINE THUR 15/11
• Logo competition
Students draw and send their logos to their teachers. Logos are shared and voted. DEADLINE MON 19 NOV. Final votes before 30 nov
• Apple tree plantation
Official event on Tue 27 nov from 11.05 to 11.25. All sts gather at the bottom of Gym Hall stairs. Photo and video makers to be identified (any idea?)
• Apple tasting context
Class apple context.
1. Students take and apple or two, classify it according to a given chart (Claudia’s cousin), bring it in class.
2. Students taste and vote . DEADLINE 26/27/28 no
School apple tasting context.
1. 3 sts per class (18 sts + 3 teachers) taste and vote the best one to be taken next September to Germany. DEADLINE WEDN 5 DEC during the break.