What We Can Do To Save The Earth

What can we do to save the Earth?

  • When we go to the supermarket, we can use an own bag, instead plastic shopping bags.

(Claudia Volpicelli)

  • Keep tap water in a bottle into the fridge, don't buy mineral water. You'll save a lot of plastic.
  • Don't buy gas-based deodoant, because they contein CFCs that damage the ozone layer. You can buy water-based ones.
  • Buy only local products: transport costs and pollutes.

(Beatrice Clementi)

  • Buy biological products to stimulate Fair-Trade

(Emma Zuppi)

  • When it's possible use public transport like bus or subway or else move by bike or walking.

(Bianca Di Silvestre)

  • Use the washing machine to wash the dishes: you will save water.
  • If it is possible, buy electrical or ecological cars: they pollute less then other cars.
  • If you have to build a new house, use solar panels or other renewable sources of energy for the heating and hot water.